Apple Big Event Planned In New York CIty

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Apple event in the Big Apple:

With Apple now having five Apple stores in NYC with the new arrival of the Grand Central Apple Store last month, it is rumoured that the Cupertino corp is going to be organising a new event that will perhaps see the arrival of a new device or more than likely be used to showcase technology related to iBooks, Apples venture into online publishing that it hopes will revolutionise the way people consume content. Or indeed be used as a platform to discuss a new advertising platform/technology that could be mobile related.

Not iPad 3 or AppleTV news update or launch:

According to AllthingsD the event will not be a stage for anything Apple TV related or iPad 3 release date related.

Eddy Cue, who just so happens to be Apple’s senior vice president of Internet software and services is involved, so it is anyone’s guess which part of the Apple corp will be getting news delivered to the masses.

West Coast home of product launches, East Coast the home of publishing:

Let us face it, it’s Hollywood and neighbouring silicon valley that has all eyes peeled when it comes to technology in the US.

But, New York delivers the news.

So it would seem very possible that New York could be the setting for news related to publishing as mentioned above.

What do you think this new event will be used to deliver?

It will be something of note that is for sure, though as usual Apple like to keep anticipation high and were seen to refuse all chance to set the record straight from various journalists who have asked for further news.

Anthony Munns