Will Anonymous Really Shut Down The Internet Next Month?

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Anonymous is aiming big with talk of shutting the whole internet down in March:

What would you do without the Internet?

We will be a bit buggered here that is for sure…:)

So, with Anonymous making plans to turn off the internet by hitting the 13 root DNS servers that supply us with access, what would this mean to you and would it make you sympathize with their cause or is this kind of showboating going a little too far to make a point.

Anonymous Will Turn Off The Internet In March
Anonymous Will Turn Off The Internet In March

Here is what Anonymous have to say about the proposed March 31st internet shutdown:

“SOPA, Wallstreet, our irresponsible leaders and the beloved bankers who are starving the world for their own selfish needs out of sheer sadistic fun….anonymous will shut the Internet down”

Now in essence I sympathize fully with their crusade, I detest on many levels the actions of the few that “run” this world (into the ground), and for that reason I stand by protests that are against control of communication and people, in ways that only go to serve the vested interests of the few.

But we are in a funny balance here, as perhaps some times, it is “better the devil you know”, because my suspicions are that the “establishment” would be pretty difficult to replace with anything that does not turn into much of a muchness after a while…power does this to the best of us….”new labour”…”old conservatives”.

So while I do feel that their plight is based on essentially good morals, I just fear that some of this may be slightly misguided and perhaps lacking in any real value and desires, essentially anarchy.

And while I am not keen on the “establishment” at all, and the idea of anarchy is great when you are a spotty 16 year old, the truth is in society we all have a role to play to help us all get on and live decent lives, and I just wonder if anonymous maybe shooting themselves in the foot if they are looking to gain supporters, as I really do not see what good “turning the internet off” will do them as it will be so detrimental to so many innocent people who may have sided with their corner in the past but will now most likely despise them.

How will they kill the internet then?

Essentially what will happen if they decide to attack these 13 root DNS servers is that the HTTP look up request will not be functioning properly and you will see nothing but an error page, and while this does not technically mean the whole internet is down, pretty much amounts to the same thing.

Anonymous go on to explain the system in more detail:

“A flaw that uses forged UDP packets is to be used to trigger a rush of DNS queries all redirected and reflected to those 13 IPs. The flaw is as follow; since the UDP protocol allows it, we can change the source IP of the sender to our target, thus spoofing the source of the DNS query.”

They also state that they will not be telling us how long this attack will last just that it will be global and it will affect the whole internet for hours or days.

Now with this amount of power and press coverage (assuming all goes to plan) I just hope they have a pretty convincing and detailed after dinner speech recorded so we can all finally “get” the message and hear their suggestions to providing real solutions to the issues they want to be addressed….not just p***ing people off because you can.

But is it really that easy to pull off?

Robert David Graham from Errata Security states on his blog:

“The Anonymous hackers can cause local pockets of disruption, but these disruptions are going to be localized to networks where their attack machines are located, they might affect a few of the root DNS servers, but it’s unlikely they could take all of them down, at least for any period of time. On the day of their planned Global Blackout, it’s doubtful many people would notice.”

So it seems likely that Anonymous will not get the attention that a fully blown outage would eventually deliver, but they could cause a nuisance in theory.

The trouble with anonymous is they have no face:

I know this is their face, but what I struggle with is working out exactly what they stand for apart from random attacks on “da establishment”, shows of solidarity to target big corporations via DoS attacks, and putting the spanner into misguided bills such as SOPA which already has some pretty big protest movements going on around it already that seem to be working effectively for now….(I am unsure long term)

But what I really want to know is serious alternatives to all the things that are protested against, so come on guys, let us in on the way forward…I am all ears….genuinely.

Please however note the date of this attack…..31st March…want comes next?

Anthony Munns