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Are Smartwatches a fad?

There is major convergence of technology happening right now, look around you and you will see that we have TV’s becoming home media hubs, phones becoming laptops, and now watches that can control and entertain on levels that we have only seen glimpses of in the movies.

Sony Smartwatch
Sony Smartwatch

Enter the smartwatch, and in this instance the Sony Smartwatch, as was seen at CES 2012, a new android based watch that does cool things like:


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Email
  • Music


Coupling up to your new Sony Xperia S smartphone the new Sony SmartWatch will offer easy access to the above services via a bluetooth connection, which sounds a bit pointless when your phone is a mere few cm’s away from your hand, but in these time precious days there could be other benefits to not waking up your device; battery life, and occasions when it would appear rude spring to mind. So while this is most definitely a niche gadget, it could well have some purpose for a select few gadget lovers globally.

As you can see it sort of works like a watch version of an iPod.

Now I have to say that this device looks great, but I am not all that interested in paying for a gadget that duplicates what my phone does on a day to day basis to save me seconds.

Your thoughts?

Anthony Munns