Amazon To Launch 10 Inch Kindle Fire?

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Amazon Kindle Fire 10 Inch?

Back in the fall of 2011 Amazon released its newest innovation to the tech world, the Kindle Fire. In doing this, Amazon itself became a new player in the tablet market.

Amazon Kindle Fire 10 Inch Tab
Amazon Kindle Fire 10 Inch Tab

The Kindle Fire has a dual-core processor, free cloud storage courtesy of Amazon, and access to millions of shows, movies, and books from Amazon’s large database. The Kindle Fire has everything a good tablet should have, but for me there is something missing. While the Fire has been a success thus far, it still seems subpar to other major tablets such as the iPad and the Asus Transformer.

Amazon Kindle Fire Screen Size:

In my opinion, the major downfall does not come in the OS, it is in the screen size. The screen of the Kindle Fire is a 7” multitouch display, comparable to the size of the Blackberry Playbook, but not the more successful iPad. If a tablet wants to become a major threat in the industry, it needs to have the option of having a larger screen such as the iPad’s or Transformer’s. Many people sought for a larger sized Fire. When Amazon was questioned about a possible 10” Fire they said, “Stay tuned”.

Ever since that comment, rumors have been flying all over the tech community. Rumors have it that Amazon will be launching a 10” Kindle Fire in their second quarter, specifically this summer. What does this mean? It means that Amazon would then be in competition with Apple’s iPad and the likes of the Asus Transformer. With a larger screen and Amazon’s outstanding support for the device, the Fire would be put in the elite tablet category. The Kindle Fire already has the media, hardware, and support to compete with the big dogs, all it needs now is the screen. Amazon Kindle Fire 10”, summer 2012?

Tyler Mikulec