Amazon Scalp Hunters Gain One More Windows Phone Exec Brain

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Microsoft lose yet another sweet tasting scalp to Amazon:

When your evangelist lead head of developer experiences, Brandon Watson, jumps ship for Amazon, you probably should start to worry, especially as you are far from out of the Jungle yet as can be seen from the amount of heads Amazon are collecting right now.

3 Windows phone developer heads gone in quick succession:

This comes on the back of similar moves by Matt Bencke who was general manager for the developer marketplace in the Windows division as well as Mike Nash, the vice president of the Windows platform and Andre Vrignaud who was the director of their games platform strategy, all leaving in the last couple of years, it seems that the good ship Windows may well be sinking yet again.

In many ways the departures of the last two years could be put down to insecurity or lack of fulfillment in their roles at Windows, when so many other entrants to mobile technology are kicking their ass currently.

But seeing someone with such clout as Brandon Watson leave just as Windows are seemingly turning a corner with the imminent release of Windows 8 as a do all O/S and cross purpose platform, is potentially something that could pose a little more concern at Microsoft?

Watson will be leaving to join the team who will both promote and work out the road map for the cross-platform Kindle team, a role he undoubtedly will suit after his work for the Windows phone team.

Source: TheReg

Anthony Munns