Amazon Kindle Fire 2 May Release Date

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Amazon to bring out Kindle Fire 2 soon:

Well the first Kindle fire is only a few months old, but reports are emerging that the next incarnation of the popular iPad alternative (though not on specs) is due a facelift, so when will it arrive and what will make it a version 2 tablet?

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 May Release
Amazon Kindle Fire 2 May Release

Well many believe that Amazon rushed the release of the Kindle Fire 1, using a Quanta off the shelf Playbook design. They did this to get their tablet out prior to the Xmas break and cash in on all those visitors to Amazon just as they have done with the Kindle.

This worked out well for Amazon as they sold 6 million of the first gen tablets in little over 2 months.

Amazon took a loss of $50 per tablet:

Quanta charge Amazon $250 per unit and Amazon then sell the Kindle Fire for $200, but they have made up this loss as expected with sales of digital assets like movies, apps, and music.

The real Kindle Fire to arrive in June:

Many see this first run of fire’s as just that, a test drive of a decent enough tablet that could satisfy a general population, not the best on the market, but functional, minus a few things such as bluetooth, a dedicated volume control, and a Micro SD slot.

So who will manufacture anew Kindle Fore?

Bye bye Quanta hello Foxconn:

It appears the Amazon will start to use Apples trusted manufacturer in Taiwanese based Foxconn who produce a lot of Apple devices in China, with component deliveries expected in March it appears that those in the know are tipping a May/June release date though I expect things to be a little later than this.

So will this mean that the UK will never really see the first iteration but will simply get the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 as a proper release?

What would you like to see introduced to a new version of the Amazon Kindle Fire?

Anthony Munns