Windows Phone Hits 30,000 Apps – HP WebOS Developers Lured By Gifts

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Windows Phone now has “nearly” 30,000 applications in its marketplace:

With Nokia paying a Canadian company called polar to make 300 apps for Meego and Symbian it must be the season that the underdogs in Appland finally get some statistics worth shouting about.

Yes Windows Phone now has nearly 30,000 apps for download onto Mango and Windows Phone O/S’s and unlike Android they do not count wallpapers as apps.

Huge increase since march:

Back in March Windows were reporting a measly 11,500 apps for download so it is nice to see the amount more than double in a few months, but obviously a far cry from iOS and Android, who total a combined 675,000 + apps made up of 425,000 iOS and 250,000 Android but as we mentioned Android cheat a bit by counting wallpapers as apps.

Nice to see the Mango update will be compatible also:

Windows has also reported that all apps released for Windows Phone will be compatible with the update called “mango” due next month.

With over 300 new features, Mango will be an almost brand new mobile O/S and many believe will actually prove to be quite a success and a real alternative to iOS and Android.

The Windows Mango operating system will be featured in Nokia’s highly anticipated “Sea Ray” phone also due soon, so it is exciting times at Microsoft this next month or so.

Windows tweet for help in gaining even more apps now HP have made WebOS developers jobless:

Windows Phone 7 Apps
Windows Phone 7 Apps

In a remarkably opportunistic and open tweet, Brandon Watson the Windows Phone director made a plea to the stricken HP WebOS developers to come over to their own O/S with incentives for the already published:

@BrandonWatson tweeted 19/8/2011:

To Any Published WebOS Devs: We’ll give you what you need to be successful on #WindowsPhone, phones, dev tools, and training, etc

It was later stated that over 1300 developers made contact pretty much straight away, ah the power of social networking and free stuff.

Mango app submissions accepted from this week:

With the final SDK for Mango due for release in September, a new RC development kit has been provided that will allow developers to create apps in English and Japanese. Version 7.1 will include a “Go live” license that will allow developers to publish their Mango ready apps to the marketplace after being recompiled.

The Microsoft advertising SDK will also be included which will allow developers to include ads within their applications.

A test profile has also been provided to allow developers to test their apps before release and this should help to improve the approval speed of newly submitted apps.

It is nice to see that Windows will care about what gets into its marketplace unlike the Android alternative.

Users will still have to wait to use Mango apps:

Even though Mango apps will be able to be pre released into the Windows market place at the back end, people running the pre-release version of Mango will not be able to run them yet and so like the rest of us will have to wait for the final version due out in September, yep, its all moving very fast again in Windows world.

Anthony Munns