Windows Mango Facebook Integration

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Windows Mango With Facebook

Microsoft are putting a lot of hope in the hands of Mango, they have largely failed to set the smartphone market alight with Widows 7 so far, and they are needing a success with the new makeover, having added 500 features to improve Windows 7 will Windows Mango come to the rescue for Microsoft’s failing smartphone attempts.

Social services included natively

Windows Mango

Windows is no longer wanting to reply on additional clients/applications to offer social service so Mango users and will now incorporate Twitter within the phone operating system.

Watch a demonstration of Facebook on Mango

But what made Windows think that people want to watch a 23+ minute video to show a few features!

Also check out the guys face on 8.18…hilarious!

Looks interesting though and is a real alternative to the look and feel of Android and iOS….but 15,000 apps is pretty poor in 2011.

Lets hope their deep integration of apps has no negative effect on performance and power consumption.

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