Windows Application Marketplace Statistics

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Windows App Marketplace currently has 40,000 apps on offer:

With so many vendors now tapping into the desire for applications, it is interesting to take a look at some statistics relating to the Windows marketplace and see how quickly they are catching Android and Apple in terms of sheer volume of choice.

Windows app marketplace boosted by Nokia?

With the Nokia Lumia Series on Windows Phone O/S it seems that this has really boosted the marketplace in terms of developers who are looking to write applications for the relatively unadpoted Windows O/S, though with Nokia choosing this operating system as its O/S of choice for the Lumia series, it seems likely that this figure will grow steadily despite predictions that the Nokia 800 will not sell very well in the UK.

All About Windows:

AAWP has delivered reports about the Windows application marketplace using their own tracking system and has some interesting facts to share:


  • 11,000 Apps were submitted din the last three months
  • 5,000 were within the last month
  • 68% are free downloads
  • 23% were premium
  • Reminder were “freemium” models
  • Estimated to reach 50,000 apps by January


Microsoft’s application marketplace still seriously behind rivals:

With Apple boasting over 1/2 a million applications in the “original” app store, and Google’s Android marketplace pushing over 300,000 apps then we can see that the Windows machine needs to start multiplying their current figure by factors of ten or more to start competing in volume….which many will tell you is not the be all and end all.

Nokia Lumia’s to be give out free to developers:

With the drive to compete taking real significance for Nokia now that Ex Microsoft VP Stephen Elop is in charge of Nokia, the choice to dish out 25,000 free Nokia Lumia’s to developers is a wise one.

I have tested out the device and can inform viewers that the O/S is amazingly responsive and potentially quite a competitor to Apple and Android on sheer ease of use and look and feel….but it needs more apps as we all know!

Anthony Munns