Why The Humble E-Reader Is More Appealing Than A Tablet PC

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Tablets v’s E-readers:

Dilemmas dilemmas, which one to get?…A pretty dull e-reader with e-ink technology so you can read books, or a brand new tablet PC with full colour display and access to games, video and the internet?

So, you’re in the market for a cool gadget this Christmas, but still unsure what that will be.

You have the sweet Canon 60D for photography, you are happy with your current laptop for one more year, your smartphone needs updating, but that will be a bonus mid-way through the year at contract renewal, and your X-Box 360 is still providing you with lots of stimulation and pleasure, not in part due to the huge HD screen that it is connected to, yes Joe nearly has it all…

Why The E-Reader Is More Appealing Than A Tablet PC
Why The E-Reader Is More Appealing Than A Tablet PC

Obviously your missing an iPad or more Generic tablet?

Now many would argue that if you were this example of an average Joe, then your next logical gadget to buy should be a nice Android based Tablet from Samsung or a new iPad from Apple.

Joe is on a budget though:

Yes, like many in the US and the rest of the World our man Joe is skint.

And if the Samsung and Apple iPad were too costly, or he perhaps wanted something a bit smaller, then Joe should then go for the new Amazon Kindle Fire or Barnes and Noble Nook color E-Book, obviously these “near” tablet like devices are far better than those boring E-Ink E-Readers:

But does our man Joe really want a Tablet PC or colour E-reader for Xmas?

So, are these lovely looking, funky devices what this person really needs.

Let us do some common sense analysis:

Firstly, he works in an office with his own computer always there, his smartphone keeps him amused with various news apps during breaks and on the way to work, and gives him access to email, Youtube and other video sites, and at home and when he is out enjoying a coffee, his laptop is powerful enough and small enough to hold in his bag and do some emailing or surfing the net in general while out and about, and he is more than happy with his huge HD display and X-Box for gaming on a mid week night and weekend.

So what could Joe get if he still needs his gadget fix like so many guys and girls do at Christmas?

The answer could well be an E-reader, but not the color ones, and here is why:

We have covered some interesting comparisons of E-Readers in the past from the Nook V’s Kindle Fire Tablet and you know what I love about these is that you can have a huge sized book all contained in a lovely small device, that makes no noise, lasts ages on one charge, and can be read in any light (apart from dark), and what is more it is pretty cheap for a gadget. Though I predict that they will be almost giving these e-readers away in years to come, so you are then signed up to their individual marketplaces.

In this world of plenty the humble e-reader shines out as a bastion of peace and tranquillity:

So with this in mind, I am going to suggest to our friend Joe that he should take more time out to relax and stop stimulating his poor brain with vast amounts of data and unhealthy radiation and sit down with a new lightweight e-reader and enjoy one of life’s little, very inexpensive pleasures.

Albeit using a cool gadget that reinvented the book and termed it an “ebook” when it did not even know it had anything wrong with it.

Joe, if you ain’t got an e-reader in 2012, you are out of the loop my friend!

Anthony Munns