What Is Heello The New Twitter Copycat

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Heello the new Twitter Clone:

What the world needs right now is…..another social network that looks like another social network:

On the back of the recent release of Google +, a direct competitor to Twitter and Facebook. Surely the world must be due yet another social network for the socially wired to pontificate upon and decide what it means in terms of value to users and businesses who happily jump on the bandwagon of anything that might just be the missing link between boom and bust in their own industry.

Sorry for the rant:

I am in the process of moving home (this is a very common occurrence for me as close fiends will know, and no I am not wanted) and have just realised I may have to make do with a very crap Internet connection for a few months before a major facelift occurs to the local exchange when BT bring in super fast fibre-to-the-cabinet technology and bring my predicted 1.5 MB speed (I used to get that speed in 2006) up to a whopping 25-27 MB.

Looters get on my t**s

Another thing that has been slightly annoying today is that I have discovered that the rioting that took place in the UK recently has put a stop to getting connected quickly to the feeble aforementioned Internet connection and it will take until the 6th of September (from the 12 August) to get a line in the new property…All because the government have deemed the riot victims to be priority which I kind of agree with, but crazy how it can affect so many areas when you think about it, and for so long!

I digress

So Heello has been released by the twitpic founder Noah Everett only a day after Twitter senior released its photo sharing option that is in direct competition to twitpic of course.

The twitter clone is perhaps a part retaliation for twitter coming down quite hard on third party developers of recent.

Everett said:

“If Twitter can compete with its developers without fair notice, then why can’t we? I think anyone has a fair shot at competing with anyone,”

Its all about the pings:

Starting last year, Everett wanted to make a platform that made twitter “suck less”, Heello offers people a very similar means of communication via what is termed pings (tweets), Followers are now called “listeners” and the following are termed “Listening”.

Further support:

With Heello looking to offer video, location based checking in, text message integration, and also a mobile based app for all the main platforms, I can not help think that they will never compete with twitter as this is quite simply a total clone. When I hear that they are also bringing in “channels” a method of categorising your “listeners” like Google circles, I can only think of Theo Paphitis from dragons den when faced with a ludicrous half baked idea saying “Pleeease go Home, do not make this your life and do not spend any more time and money on it, it will not work.” But he like me is often wrong.

Imitation seems more like flattery than a threat:

Heello Twitter Clone
Heello Twitter Clone

My thoughts are that this will probably not work, it offers nothing new, it is playing second fiddle to a giant, and people are still unsure what the hell twitter means to them for the most part, what do you think, I simply could not see any point in starting all over again on this copycat twitter could you?

Anthony Munns