Web Traffic Dominated By iOS Mobile Devices

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Smartphones And Tablets Dominate Web Traffic

ComScore have released data showing smartphones and tablets are growing in popularity to such a large amount that they now take up a huge part of US web traffic, and this figure is growing.

It is stated by the research company that 6.8% of all web traffic in the US for August was from these kind of devices, with two-thirds of this being from mobile phones, and the rest being made up of iPad like devices and tablets. With the iPad taking up 97.2% of the “tablet” market.

iPad pushing more traffic than iPhones:

With Apples iOS taking up approximately 58.5% of all mobile web traffic for August in the U.S the breakdown per device comes in at the following amounts:

iPhone = 42.6%

iPad = 46.8%

Wealthy Young Males Love iPads:

It is no huge surprise that the demographic who has been the quickest to adopt iPads are young and relatively wealthy males, nearly a third were between the ages of 25 and 34, and nearly 50% of these people came from households with combined incomes of more than $100,000 per year.

iPad users love Social Networks and Shopping:

The share of web traffic for tablets when compared to smartphones and iPhones is quite an interesting statistic for content creators, e-commerce stores and online newspapers as it shows that the size of the screen seems to increase the amount of time people spend using the device.

So the statistics show that around 60% of people access social networks on their tablets with news accounting for another large amount of data with 25% accessing news services on a daily basis.

Customer Ratings Accessed While Shopping:

In the month of August users of tablet devices in the US used their device to look up information on prices of items they were buying from stores, with 54% of these also accessing customer ratings and reviews. With around 50% of these people then actually making a purchase as a result of the information obtained.

Why is increased traffic occurring?

Mobile data is increasing as a result of two things:

1 – Increased mobile devices that are Wi-Fi and 3G options, tablets, smartphones being the main culprits.

2 – Increased access and options for data from mobile networks.

Mobile data consumed by mobile devices has increased by 3% from the last three months, and 90% of tablet browsing was done on Wi-Fi.

Approximately 116 million U.S. residents use mobile media — this is up by nearly a fifth on the last years available data.

Anthony Munns