Want To Test Windows 7.5 Mango On Your Android Or iPhone?

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Try Windows 7.5 Mango On Your Android Or Apple Smartphone:

A really cool HTML5 version of the new Windows 7.5 Mango operating system is available to try on Android Apple smartphones by simply visiting a website that will then offer the experience to the user.

Simply visit: http://aka.ms/wpdemo and you will be presented with a screen and an option to run the HTML5 based mock up of the new Windows 7.5 O/S, turning your device into a “Metro” styled Windows 7.5 mobile device.

Windows 7.5 Mango Trial
Windows 7.5 Mango Trial

I have tried it out on a Samsung S2 and can confirm that it does not run as well as using the same real operating system on a Nokia Lumia 800, though this is to be expected as it is a test version and has vastly different technology behind it, none of which is optimised to make this an exact clone.

On the test version you are able to access most areas such as the following “hubs”:

Phone, Messaging, People, Outlook, Calendar, Family etc etc.

Navigate with help from a blue dot:

For new users who want to learn how the O/S works, a small blue dot will aid your navigation, though I must admit the general usability of the operating system is a pleasure to use and is very intuitive anyway.

After you have gone through the “tour” you will be rather cleverly redirected to an option to continue using the service or shop for phones.

I have to say that this whole “test an operating system” is fantastic, and a great marketing ploy to help people understand the new version of the Windows 7.5 Mango mobile operating system from Microsoft.

With the new Windows 8 operating system due for release pretty soon, we wonder if this transition period will prove tough.

Anthony Munns