Video Proof That The Samsung Galaxy S2 Is Tough After Being Dropped On Bike Ride

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Smartphones are tough and here is proof!

So it is perhaps with cap in hand that I come back and say that I have solid proof that my Samsung S2 is indeed one hell of a tough cookie, after I suggested that it needed a cover to ensure it is protected.

The setting:

It has been a lovely cold winters day here in Yorkshire and so I set off, as I often do, on my mountain bike to enjoy the remainder of the winter sun on this glorious day, deciding to also take my fully charged Samsung Galaxy S2 to try and capture anything I could find interesting, knowing I was going to be biking through stunning castle grounds, and will almost definitely see some Stag and Deer.

What I had not bargained for was that my phone would fly out of my hand and land on the floor.

Check it out here:

Luckily the Samsung Galaxy S2 proves itself to be one hard b***** and so I have to hand it to them on the build of the phone, and gorilla glass certainly lives up to its name, not a scratch, the fact I have a cheap protector surrounding the phone may have helped a bit, but, whatever it was, it seemed fine afterwards.

Which, of course, is absolutely great!

Anthony Munns