Video – Attack Of The Smart Phones

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Attack Of The Smart Phones – The Rise Of The Smart Phone

Smart Phone Revolution:

Watch and learn how the mobile phone just got a little smarter and is taking your lives over bit by bit…wah ha ha ha ha!

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And here are the main points and facts pointed out in the video:

Attack of the smart phones:

Will smart phones be the nail in the coffin for desktop PC’s?

SmartPhone Revolution 2011:

SmartPhone ubiquity is changing the way we access and use the Internet forever:

Top 10 Smart Phone Facts 2011:


1 – Over 50% of US mobile users to own SmartPhones by the end of 2011.
Global Figures:

2 – Over 95 Million SmartPhone sales in 2011 — Becoming the highest selling consumer electronic device.

Insane Growth:

3 – Gartner predict over 500 million SmartPhones to sell in 2012 – By 2013 more people will be surfing the Internet using SmartPhones than with PC’s.

Android No1 Operating System:

4 – Google Android most popular operating system followed by Nokia Symbian and Apple iOS.

SmartPhone = Smart Shoppers:

5 – 79% of SmartPhone owners use their mobile device to research before they buy.

Coupons, Offers, Reviews
Internet Use To Soar By 2015:

6 – To 4 x current levels, mainly driven by mobile devices.

Paying For Content:

7 – Unlike PC owners, up to 93% of SmartPhone owners are willing to pay for content.

Mobile Adverts:

8 – 33% would agree to ads if it lowers their monthly bill, and 42% click on mobile ads — Revenue expected to rise from $3.5 Billion in 2010 to $24 Billion in 2015.

Privacy Issues:

9 – More than 50% of users across all age groups are concerned about mobile privacy.

Facebook App Is Perfect For Mobile SmartPhones:

10 – Facebook the most popular app in the world and over one 1/3 of use now comes from SmartPhone access. – 10 Billion Apps downloaded in 2010.

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