Verizon Galaxy Nexus Facebook $154.99 Discount Offer From Letstalk All Gone!

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Letstalk piggyback Nexus fever:

In a shrewd social media loss leading marketing exercise, Letstalk a mobile phone and accessories retailer in the US were offering a cut price Galaxy Nexus on contract for only $154.99 for the initial batch they had in stock and via their facebook page, this offer has since ended as the deal was snapped up like wildfire.

Letstalk social media done well?

This was coupled with a give-away and an attempt to gain 50,000 facebook “likes” by December the 16th with all those who “liked” their page being entered into a competition to win a Galaxy Tab 10.1 Tablet and a choice of smartphone.

So after the eventual release of the Samsung galaxy nexus in the US, it seems that demand was so high that stocks have dried out for the online retailer.

Now Letstalk do seem to have done well here, but I do see a lot of anger in the comments over confusions over who did and did not get the deal, with “pending” statuses on orders confusing many.

So is the offer of a half price Galaxy Nexus really that good?

Well obviously anything with lots of cash off its usual price is worth paying a little attention to, especially a new device as in demand as this, but…..

Picking up from a point made by BGR, and it is a big but. The Consumer Electronics Show starts early next year on January 10th, and soon this device will look slightly dated as new models are released, and the hype is started all over again.

Though the fact remains that the phone is still great. We did a review of the Galaxy Nexus and found the phone to be good all round, and is obviously Ice Cream Sandwiches huge, fat, late arriving baby.

I would have given you more details on this offer, but as it has run out now, it seems totally pointless!

Did you manage to pick one up while they were going?

Anthony Munns