US Spotify Release Looks Likely To Cost Less Than European Equivalent

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In a report we brought you a few days back on the likely release of a much waited US version of Spotify, the European music sharing application, news just in is that Spotify is ready for release and it looks like it could cost a lot less money per month compared to UK and European users.

Techcrunch are reporting that the unlimited spotify plan will cost around $4.99 a month.

Spotify US version will cost more then the European equivalent?

Whereas the premium service will cost $9.99 a month; this will allow access to mobile music (using your smart phone or tablet to access spotify via an application) plus off-line access or through a music system such as Spotify’s brother in beats, Sonos.

Is this fair?

Well lets do some calculations:

US version

Unlimited Plan:

$4.99 = £3.13

Premium Plan:

$9.99 = £6.26

UK version

Unlimited Plan:

£4.99 – (an extra £22 a year)

Premium Plan:

£9.99 – (an extra £45 a year)

While nit-picking about small fractions of prices seems a bit crass, the truth is the Premium plan difference compared to the US is 1/12 of an average UK smartphone contract per year….i.e one months bill.

The McIndex replaced by the Spotify Screw:

We all know the US is seriously in a mess so could the much vaunted “McIndex” now be replaced by the “Spotify Screwing”?

Yes, it would appear that Spotify’s accounts team could know a little more than we do about the expendable income of your “average Joe”, and have priced accordingly.

Facebook Collaboration?

With news that Facebook have something “BIG” up their sleeves, many listening closely to the technological grapevine belied that a collaboration is in place and the final deals have yet to be sorted, causing the slight delay in the release of an official US Spotify.

Will the prices be as quoted above?

Spotify says:

“No details are set for the pricing or details of our US service yet – we’re still testing a number of different options. We’ll be sure to let you know when we have something to announce.”

Do you think a price fluctuation such as the one detailed above is fair? Or, do you think that mobile bill payers already pay too much in the UK/Europe and deserve a balancing up of costs in light of their investment so far?

Anthony Munns