The Tag Heuer Link New Mobile Phone On Android – Smartphones Just Got Bling

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Not content with your Samsung S2 or Apple iPhone – Upgrade to luxury smartness courtesy of Tag Heuer’s new link smartphone based on the Android operating system:

Nicknamed the DeathStar by my good self, this obnoxious offering from luxury timepiece craftsmen Tag Heuer looks so ostentatious it is almost laughable that it has a crocodile skin cover option on its back.

Perfect for the kind of person who sacks thousands of hard working people on a Monday and then runs to the government to get bailed out on the Tuesday, this kind of capitalist statement is not what the world is surely seeking right now in these understated times.

Sourpuss on a Sunday?

Of course I can see the point in innovation and a little bling every now and again, but when your hard earned money is going into poor design and nothing short of an average smartphone underneath, surely it is more fool you as is so often the case with luxury brands who are smiling at you in one instance and then laughing all the way to the bank to give “Fred the Shred” his new bonus.

What is more they have based their operating system on what many feel is the “peoples” O/S in Android, this however is an obvious decision and I shall not berate them for this decision.

How much is the Tag Heuer link?

So not withstanding the fact that you will probably look a total tool whipping out your Tag Heuer bling to answer a call from your mum, and you have decided that the $30,000 Apple phone is too crass and expensive, how much are you prepared to pay for the Tag Heuer mobile piece?

Well you will not get much change from £4500 as it is currently selling for €4700 or $6700.

Apples select club coming to an end?

With Apple due to release a budget priced iPhone, if rumours are to be believed. Then perhaps Tag Heuer are on to something in keeping the rich club happy by being all exclusive.

So what do you actually get for you money?

Tag Heuer Link Smartphone
Tag Heuer Link Smartphone

Quite simply a fully working Android based mobile smartphone that has a pretty ugly looking skin. This skin comes in a variety of flavours with options ranging from steel, rose gold, and titanium all topped off with leather, alligator or lizard skin, rubber and the usual gorilla glass making sure the phone is up to scratch or rather lack of scratches.

Spec wise:

You get an out of date Android 2.2 O/S, a humble 3.5-inch (800 x 480) display, a pretty poor 5 megapixel autofocus camera, a tiny 256MB internal memory, a small 8GB memory card, 1400 mAh battery, and EDGE / HSUPA connectivity.

The phone is however built like a brick s***house as most of Tag’s watches are, and has the ability to transform into a yacht, blunderbuss and submarine perfect for holiday adventures in the Caribbean and the Indian sub-continent when trying to look great, feel safe and have a convenient means of killing wild prey are at a premium.

All in all, total crap, for mugs.

By for now, and bah-humbug.

Anthony Munns