The Divided States Of SmartPhones – US Users Tracked State By State

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What smartphone operating system does your state favour?

Have you always wanted to know if your home state was a little bit more Android biased than iOS?
In the same way that your generally a Republican or Democrat, a really nice graphic has emerged from JumpTap showing the predominance of the main smartphone operating systems state by state, with a neutral badge given to states that are too close to call.

US smartphone operating system statistics?

What the map does show is that users in the South and West tend to be Android biased whereas the North East/New England and Mid Western areas tend to favour iOS.

What the data reflects:

The data is not based on market share or shipments but is based on Jumptaps data recorded through its extensive advertising network hitting 83 million users, so its fair to say its probably pretty accurate.

Interestingly they included the over indexed blackberry device that is most popular in New York over Android or iOS. Perhaps business users consume more data? and with NYC’s huge population and Blackberry initially being marketed as being the business persons smartphone, could it be tha this will soon become Android or iOS territory as both are pushing hard on RIM’s operating system?

Does this map/graphic make sense to you, or do you feel your state is wrongly singled out with an incorrect smartphone bias on actual handsets?

Anthony Munns