Tesco Roll Out Free Wi-Fi

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Tesco Extra stores see free wi-fi option:

You know that a technology has hit a head when its source of fuel is offered for free!

Yes, Tesco the cut price supermarket who claim to offer great value at the tills are offering visitors the option to tap into their own network for free.

Tesco Offer Free Wi-Fi In Metro Stores
Tesco Offer Free Wi-Fi In Metro Stores

Clubcard users get full access:

In a move to encourage more people to sign up to the clubcard scheme, current members will be able to access the store Wi-Fi at Tesco Extra’s for free and also access their account to see how current rewards are shaping up via the online points and e-voucher scheme.

If you are not a clubcard member you will be able to access the wi-fi network for fifteen minutes once every 24 hours, so all shoppers should be able to access reviews and compare prices while they shop assuming they have access to an internet enabled device.

Easy registration:

Simply walk into the participating stores which are currently only the “Metro” variety and check your wi-fi connection for “Tesco Wi-Fi”, once you choose this option, you simply open your browser using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc, and the Tesco landing page will load, this will then ask you to register by entering your clubcard details and postcode.

If you are not registered you will be given 15 minutes for free every 24 hours though clubcard members will only have to go through this process once as the network is run by o2’s Wifi platform, meaning that you will easily be able to hop onto another stores connection after you have registered your device once with the network.

Tesco are obviously very excited about this new offer with Mike McNamara, CIO at Tesco stating that:

“People are increasingly using a variety of digital services and we’re excited by our customers’ reaction to the new service.”

Trial showed 82% would use again:

The trial has shown that a massive amount of people who used in-store internet access would do so again, with 82% saying that they found the ease of use and usefulness of a decent internet connection a real winner while shopping.

Most people used smartphones to access the free internet in the trail with 71% using this method, the runner up was tablet pc’s at 11% with some people even bringing a laptop to help them shop at a supermarket with 9%.

Obviously having free wi-fi in stores such as coffee shops and pubs is nothing new, but Tesco have really been quite daring with this option as people will no doubt be using their devices to access price comparison sites to check what they are buying is value, especially the bigger ticket items that cost over £10-50 pounds.

The way we shop looks set to be changing dramatically month by month!

Anthony Munns