Tech Sector Jobs in Europe Give Hope For Governments

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The rise of quality IT and tech jobs in Europe and the wider region has given European and global leaders a wake up call on how to better nurture these industries and ensure that the job prospects and employment benefits of having a tech sector within a member country.

In the UK London has its very own Tech City group who are working hard to promote the sector and the region with wider benefits gained.

Berlin, known as the start up capital of Europe has found that investment from other similar groups in terms of time and resources, has helped to shape the German city as a hot bed of talent and ideas, opportunities.

So how do you find a technology job in Europe?

Good question; there are a number of options, for instance, if you are seeking IT Jobs in Berlin then the link attached will be of huge use to you as they have many jobs in Berlin, London and Europe, why not also try, Berlin Startup Jobs as an alternative.

We also found that the general sites that have jobs do a pretty good job for non start up type vacancies but much less for the type of jobs that you will find on niche site such as the ones mentioned above.

If you want to find out what is going on in the Berlin start up community then this interactive map is a great place to start and learn more about activities, companies, and investors in the city.

It would be nice to see one open up for London and I am sure that this is in the pipeline somewhere!

James Hedges