Tablets Vs E-Readers – Which should you choose?

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Over the last 2 years, two devices have grown to maturity offering very different features.

Many people ask themselves which one should I go for?

This question is quite difficult to answer without a thorough understanding of the limitations of both and what they offer in terms of functionality.

And also of course what you are seeking from a device such as an e-reader or tablet.

The Tablet:


The tablet comes in a variety of shapes and sizes with offerings from almost all high end mobile technology companies, the most favoured include Samsung, Apple, Blackberry, Motorola HP and Asus devices.

The list is larger but will be covered in a separate article.

In terms of functionality of a tablet a number of areas are always on offer:


  • Ability to connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi or 3GS or both.
  • An operating system that allows Apps to be purchased from the iPhone app store or Android marketplace to offer differing software tailored to individual tastes and desires, news, tools, games, productivity etc.
  • A large screen high resolution screen
  • Touch screen interface to control options and functionality
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    The E-Reader:


    E-readers are primarily brought to you by Amazons highly successful “Kindle”, or the Barnes and Noble “Nook” Sony or the Kobo, recent reviews would suggest that the first two options listed are your best bets.

    In terms of functionality of an e-reader brings anti glare reading of electronic books to a screen that is small enough to fit in most hand bags or bags in general…pockets at a push!


    • Ability to connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi or 3G to download books from stores such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble, Borders, or Waterstones.
    • Most have an option to save to a memory card and add books via USB if you have no Internet connection.
    • Medium size screens….(the 7 inch can be a little small for some readers with poor eyesight)
    • E-Ink technology – anti glare and helps readers reduce fatigue to the eyes.
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      So the question is of course what are you seeking?

      The beach to read:

      If it is to sit on the beach and be able to read a whole library of books on a device that will last for ages with one charge, and also allow you to actually read the pages with the full glare of the sun beaming down, then your only option is something like the Amazon Kindle E-Reader – Your tablet will not only annoy you in terms of not being able to read, it will most likely not last that long and potentially get damaged (e-readers are a bit tougher we thing by and large)
      It goes without saying that

      On the way to work on public transport (reading):

      Now this is a bit more tricky, and we would have to ask what are you reading? If it is daily news and some books, then I would say go for a tablet.

      If it is books, and purely books alone then go for the e-reader, as it will provide a better experience but also be less desirable to be stolen.

      Reasons to get a tablet:

      You like flexibility and options and enjoy finding new applications to mess about with or indeed know of some that are so useful that you could not do without them go for the tablet options.


      There is no doubt that a tablet with a 3G connection can be taken almost anywhere, so if you are into social media, reading news, using the Internet in general for email and browsing the web you will have a best buddy in the tablet.

      If however you are just looking for a useful device that allows your book collection to be portable and easily read anywhere then stump for the e-reader choices, as a master of one they make reading a whole lot easier on the eye than tablets can offer currently.

      Some would say that the lack of options e-readers have is also more conducive to actually reading what you set out to do rather than browsing and getting lost on your mobile internet connection!

      What do you think of e-readers?

      A waste of time when for a little more cash you can have a tablet?
      Or do they have a useful place in the mobile device market?

      Editorial Staff