Syria Bans iPhones

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Syrian authorities ban the use of iPhones:

In very worrying times for the people of Syria and not because they can not use their iPhone, the Syrian authorities have banned iPhones in the country, a leading Lebanese website El Nashra reports.

Syria Bans Use Of iPhones
Syria Bans Use Of iPhones

Activists angry

The Customs Department of the Syrian Finance Ministry has stated that all iPhones are now officially banned in the country, the notice reads:

“The authorities warn anyone against using the iPhone in Syria.”

The so called “Arab Spring” has seen unrest in many countries in North Africa and the Middle Eastern region, with protesters seeking reforms both culturally and politically in their respective countries.

In Syria, people are calling for a return to more liberal civil rights as the Syrian army struggles to keep the peace in the country.

Neighbouring countries are also calling for an end to the violence, with most foreign media being banned from visiting the country since protests began.

With an estimate of over 4,00 people dead since the beginning of the violence, authorities in Syria believe that iPhones present a real danger to security and help assist the protesters and activists in organising and mobilising groups of people and sharing reports to the rest of the world via video sharing websites and blogs.

iPhone users treated as spy’s?

One activist in Syria believes that:

“It is enough for any tourist or guest visiting Syria to own an iPhone to be a spy suspect.”

Reports do not elaborate on the ban stretching to other smartphones with similar capabilities to Apple’s iPhone though it is likely that the ban is not simply an issue with West Coast electronics companies, so I imagine that most devices similar to the iPhone will also be banned.

Anthony Munns