Stevie Wonder Praises Steve Jobs Over Accessibility

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Stevie wonder praises Apple and Steve Jobs for devices and accessibility:

When Steve Jobs and Apple released the first iDevices, such as the iPod and iPhone, many people questioned the size and lack of a tactile surface as a potential disability discriminator in the technology field.

It appears these commentators got this very wrong and in 2011 Apple devices are getting the praise of one of the most famous blind people on the planet over their user friendly design and features.

Stevie Wonder Apple
Stevie Wonder Apple

Steve wonder has just proclaimed to the world that apple have made the smartphone accessible for everyone, with subtle features that help the visually impaired work the phone as easy as his more visually able counterpart.

He addressed the audience in an LA nightclub, ad-libbing to songs, and breaking off to thank Steve Jobs and Apple, stating:

“There’s nothing on the iPad or iPhone you can do that I can’t do.”

Disabled users largely benefit from new devices?

With a large percentage of technology users with disabilities ranging form site to motor functions to learning difficulties it is interesting to note how many areas Apple devices have helped people.

There are now many applications on the market for Apple devices, iPads in particular that help people with disabilities to do various things easier or what they may not have been able to do at all, from communicating easier to working out problems.

The topic deserves an article and is on the back-burner for further research so watch this space for news on how Apple devices and indeed the new breed of technology that is becoming common place is really helping users with disability’s.

I will also pick up on some issues that lead me to believe that not all disabled people have the same joy from using these slim, slippery, touch sensitive devices. I am thinking Arthritis suffers, and would like to learn more about their issues when using iPads, iPhones and their equivalents.

Your thoughts?

Anthony Munns