Steve Jobs Steps Down As Apple CEO Ill Health Cited

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Steve Jobs retires and steps down as Apple CEO – Ill Health cited

In another huge piece of technology news this week, Steve jobs CEO of Apple inc has stepped down as the chief of the tech and mobile giant amid growing concerns about his ongoing and documented battle with pancreatic cancer.

Shares tumble on the news that jobs resigns

With jobs seen as instrumental to Apple’s recent huge success (they are now the largest company on the face of the planet, eclipsing Exxon in early August 2011) it is then perhaps understandable that markets have reacted negatively to the news.

Steve Jobs Retires From Apple
Steve Jobs Retires From Apple

iPhone 5 to the rescue

So it could be a good time for Apple to release news of the hotly anticipated new addition to one of jobs huge legacies, the iPhone and i-series in general, the real defining breakthrough for Apple, that perhaps solidified his vision after he stated what he wanted to achieve with Apple back in 1997.

“You always had to be a little different to buy an Apple computer. You had to think differently[…] They are the creative spirits in this world”

Steve Jobs Videos

Here are a few more of his media legacies captured on video courtesy of Youtube right from 1984 up to the recent interview with his arch nemesis Bill Gates at a conference organised by all things digital.

The Lost 1984 Video Just Before He Was Fired By Apple:

Apple WWDC 1997:

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address:

Steve Jobs And Bill Gates Together 2007:

Steve Jobs Quotes

Also some quotes that have made the pages now he has officially decided to leave Apple:

Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia:

“Steve Jobs is a visionary in the computer industry. We look forward to both Steve and his team having a positive impact on our industry for many years to come.”

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google:

“Steve Jobs is the most successful CEO in the U.S. of the last 25 years. He uniquely combined an artist’s touch and an engineer’s vision to build an extraordinary company, one of the greatest American leaders in history.”

Howard Stringer, CEO and Chairman of Sony:

“His brilliance has been well-documented, but what gets forgotten is the bravery with which he’s confronted his illness. For him to achieve this much success under these circumstances doubles his legacy.”

So as someone who tends not to big up too many egos or worship false idols, I must as a lover of Apple products state that I have to hand it to old Steve and say, good or bad, if it was not for you I may well be a lot less educated in life and perhaps a little bit more of a Luddite with technology, as I would have never ever got on with a traditional PC just over ten years ago as the Internet was just starting to take pace. I chose Apple pretty quick (mainly because I loved making breakbeat music at the time), I digress, but anyway, hats off to that man….for better or worse it appears you have changed my life quite a bit.

Anthony Munns