Spotify To Arrive In The US Tomorrow At Last

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Following on from an earlier report when we promised that spotify was close to coming to US shores, news in, is that the music service is finally arriving tomorrow at 8AM ET.

Limited Beta initially:

The service will initially be open to a few invites on a beta release to iron out potential issues if you want an invite go to this link here:

Pre-registering seems the best option and the one to bring you the quickest results in getting a working account.

Once you are accepted and things are working as they should, you will be able to access 15 million songs, these will all be totally free with advertisements making up the revenue on the basic accounts, subscription services will start at $5 a month with no ads, and a $10 a month option will include streaming to mobile and slightly higher quality audio by virtue of larger bit rates being offered while streaming the audio files.

Native spotify application is fantastic

Users in the US will no doubt be unaware in the main that the fantastic native application for Mac and Windows is a seriously well designed bit of kit and users will no doubt enjoy the experience of getting knee deep in the beats with their new found toy!


Let us know what you think when your in, we are sure you will love it!

Anthony Munns