South Korean Government Urge Samsung And LG To Ditch Android O/S

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The government in South Korea has advised manufacturers in the country to be less dependant on Google’s Android O/S:

In a move that many will see as meddling with capitalist economics, the government of South Korea has been in talks with Samsung and LG, two of it’s home grown heroes in the electronics industry, and has made it known that it encourages both companies to stop relying on the Google owned Android O/S for their tablet and smartphones based on a number of reasons:


  • Google’s recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility puts them in direct competition with Samsung and LG on a manufacturing basis
  • Apples battle with Google over the Android O/S could mean issues long term
  • Over dependence on a third party O/S poses obvious dangers


Government-backed consortium to create alternative to Android

In a move that will create serious concern among both Google and manufacturers like HTC who utilise the Android O/S, the South Korean government have stated that they wish to form a consortium that can work together to provide an alternative to the Android O/S for manufacturers such as LG and Samsung so they can be less in Google’s pocket when it comes to the brains behind the tablets and smartphones that they manufacture.

Are South Korea wise to upset the US markets, consumers and business in general:

South Korea Government Ask LG and Samsung
South Korea Government Ask LG And Samsung To Ditch Android

While South Korea can lay claim to the worlds second and third largest makers of mobile devices in Samsung and LG, their growth has been helped in many ways by both the universities of the US and in some cases the slavish copying of design and technology that has been developed and patented in the US (or so Apple would have us all believe)

So is it wise that they start to upset a pretty large apple cart even further, pun intended.

In the plan announced by the deputy commerce minister at the “ministry of the knowledge economy” a guy named Kim Jae-hong it appears that they see long term issues with using a third party O/S and went on to state:

“In the long term, we cannot go on like this by solely relying on Google,”

Both Samsung and LG have noted that all talks are in their formative stages but both appear to be willing to at least listen to proposals.

Samsung to delay Australian launch of Galaxy tab 10.1:

It appears that Samsung will delay the launch of their new tablet in Australia until the last week in September after they have heard the outcome of the hearing that is taking place related to the patent issues that Apple are fighting hard for. Though it has to be stated there is no actual injunction against the sale currently in Australia. This is in stark contrast to many parts of Europe which have seen bans on Samsung products placed in Germany, Holland, the UK and much of Europe as a result of the international nature of the courts that the patent issues have taken place. In the case of the Galaxy tab 10.1 it has been noted that the ban has since been temporarily lifted in many countries and in the recent Samsung smartphone patent issue it appears that the issue should get resolved on time before the injunction actually kicks in stopping sales and marketing in many large European countries. (if Samsung do manage to appease the courts in what they alter).

“Following today’s hearing in the Federal Court of Australia, Samsung has agreed to delay the launch of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 pending the court’s decision in the week commencing 26 September, 2011. It should be noted that the court has not issued an injunction against the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and the court did not make any ruling during today’s hearing.”

Samsung is to retaliate with more of it’s own patent claims against Apple in the Australia Federal Court.

it really has been quite a month for the mobile industry, we have seen takeovers of monumental size and meaning, litigation fever and one enormous beast lie down and bow out of the PC and mobile device manufacturing process altogether.

What do you make of Google’s Android O/S currently? Could it be under threat from Windows 7 and 8 O/S and even a potential newcomer to the mobile operating system world from a number of potential developers, including a South Korean lead government initiative?

Anthony Munns