South Korea to Gain Access To Android Games Markets

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South Korea open up the Android games application market:

Finally South Koreans can rejoice in gaining access to the full Android game market now that the service has gone fully live in the 2nd largest market for the consumption of Android devices and technology.

So why so long?

South Korean Android Games Application Marketplace Opens Again
South Korean Android Games Application Marketplace Opens Again

Blame can pretty much rest on the South Korean government for the lack of game apps on the Android marketplace in South Korea, as they have historically required all mobile application games to be checked over and audited by the GRB (Game rating board) where a strict set of criteria had to be satisfied, this was met with Apple removing iOS games until recently and Android taking the same stance. Now that the South Korean Government have relaxed this rule the markets are well and truly open again where games are concerned for both platforms.

Developers must check South Korea box now:

This will open up a huge market for the developers of applications and so dev’s submitting apps need to tick the South Korea box option to ensure their work is available in this new market.

Koreans love a good game:

This market is such a crucial money maker for both Apple and Google that both companies will be pleased that this change has come into effect and developers for both platforms will also be feeling quietly confident that their bank balance should see an improved sum as more and more games are consumed in this huge market.

Has the lack of games on your devices default marketplace proved an issue for you in South Korea? Or have you simply gone to other more flexible marketplaces such as GetJar to get your fix of Android and iOS games?

Anthony Munns