Sony Tablet P UK Release

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Sony Release New Tablet P In The UK:

Sony have released their second tablet computer. The Tablet P will be arriving in the UK on the 4th of December and will be an interesting Android based offering from the Japanese technology giant.

At £499 the price is certainly not cheap, so how will they differentiate their own tablet from the likes of the iPad?

Sony Tablet P Gets Released To The UK Market
Sony Tablet P Gets Released To The UK Market


Yes, the clamshell design allows two screens to be utilised and when finished can be closed and then transported slightly easier than a traditional tablet.


The connectivity of the device is aided by offering access to 3G and Wi-Fi connections, and the tablet experience will be delivered via two 5.5 inch screens which utilise “TruBlack” technology to ensure strong clarity and colours.

Operating System:

With Android 3.2 Honeycomb powering the tablet, the weight of which has been kept down to a reasonable 370g, the new Sony Tablet P is no slouch.

The design (which looks like the 3DS) will also have a Tegra 2 Dual Core processor, slots for Micro SD cards and 1GB of RAM.

Sony Entertainment Network:

Similar to Apple, Google and Amazon. Sony have gone the way of the big boys with their Sony Entertainment Network, a hub that will allow content such as music and movies to be streamed onto the tablet and other compatible devices such as TV’s using DLNA apps.

Games machine:

With applications being available straight from the Android market, another option for Sony P owners will be the ability to play Playstation games, this device, which is “Playstation-certified” will come with games such as Pinball heroes and Crash Bandicoot already installed.

Sony want to dominate:

Sony have said that they want to become the second largest supplier of tablet PC’s globally, though this seems like a bold prize to aim for. I am unsure how feasible it will be after a pretty bad year all round for the once even mightier Sony group.

What do you think of the dual screen offering?

Anthony Munns