Social Mobile Apps – How To Keep Users Coming Back

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Smartphones and Tablets have created a brand new industry but how do new Apps stay the distance in such a crowded marketplace?

There are now over 500,000 applications to be bought or downloaded for free on the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace
Applications for these devices are so popular that the Apple App store hit 10 Billion downloads in just over 30 months, which took the music industry twice as long to reach for songs.

The problem many developers face is two fold:

  • How to get your App noticed with so many applications available.
  • How to make people use your application beyond 90 days where only 1% of applications still get used.


Social applications work better:

Arguably the leader in mobile apps design and development a company called Zynga do social applications really well.

Social applications work by allowing the user to interact with people online and through existing social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

The popular Words with friends app is a shining example of how to use social networks to connect people and drive usage of an application that allows interaction on so many levels.

Making an application dynamic and changeable every time it is used is a sure fire way to create longevity of interest when it may well have waned minus these options.

Social connectivity:

Allowing people to share scores, messages, and updates on social networking sites means you also have a larger chance of free promotion long after you have released the app and the initial buzz dies down, this helps to increase the appeal to a wider audience for a longer period of time.

Mobile social media usage:

According to the influential Nielson group, a recent study has shown that mobile social networking (thanks to Ipads, Tablets and Smartphone’s) has increased by 240% in one year alone.

And over 60% of mobile Internet usage is on social networks.

With so many creative new applications being developed it will be the developers who pay particular attention to connectivity and social networking options that see the best returns and largest user base.

What are you favourite applications that have social aspects embedded in to the experience?

Anthony Munns