Samsung Will Never Buy Web OS Here Is Why

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Samsung Not interested in HP’s webOS:

In an article written only a few days ago about the wholesale scrapping of the webOS operating system from HP, I opened a bit of a twitter conversation regarding what I perceived as a potential sale of some of HP’s patents related to various mobile device technology.

Given that many developers would tell you that HP’s webOS was essentially the Linux of mobile operating systems; robust, functional and well written and in true Linux fashion not particularly well adopted. Surely there was some merit in all that device specific R&D for a manufacturer like Samsung, lacking in mobile patents and under threat from the likes of Apple on a number of fronts?

HP to sell off webOS to Samsung rumours:

Samsung webOS
Samsung webOS

It would appear that the much vaunted idea that HP were looking to sell off webOS to Samsung was unfounded backed up by Samsung’s boss Choi Gee Sung, who had this to day about the proposed deal:

β€œIt’s not right that acquiring an operating system is becoming a fashion,”

he then went on to inform audiences at the Berlin IFA technology show that Samsung were still looking to push their own operating system in Bada,

No help for HP:

Whatever the merit in the rumours of a deal between HP and Samsung before Samsung quashed them dead. It appears that the reality is no comfort for HP, a company that has lost huge stock market valuation as a result of a seemingly haphazard decision to unbuckle most of its manufacturing capability without any real indication this was in is medium or short term strategy.

South Korean government to push an alternative to iOS and Android:

It will be interesting to see what the South Korean government has to say about the recent resurgence in news related to the Samsung Bada operating system, an O/S that many are unfamiliar with.

But it would seem that for now Samsung are happy to battle the Goliath of Apple with their own small acorn of an operating system in the incubator and an adoption of the intergalactic Android O/S as their hardware brain of choice for now….wise?…time will tell.

Anthony Munns