Samsung Vice President Gavin Kim Leaves For Windows Phone

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The Mobile Wars Continue:

Yes there seems to be no abating the shaking and changing of the ground in the mobile landscape, and it seems now that head hunting is ripe between certain firms trying to glean more information and access more knowledge than there competitors.

The newest head to move rather than roll comes from Gavin Kim, the Samsung vice president of consumer and enterprise service, who is set to leave the company and defecting to Windows in a general manager roll of the “phone team”.

Gavin Kim Moves To Windows
Gavin Kim Moves To Windows

Gavin Kim was seen as an instrumental in the launch of the Galaxy S2 Android Phone and the Galaxy Tab.

Kim’s New Mission:

The challenge that Kim faces is to make the Windows Phone more attractive to developers and consumers, a pretty hefty challenge when so many options keep emerging from Windows and other companies in the mobile arena.

“I will be responsible to help set the future direction for the Windows Phone platform and to accelerate Microsoft’s trajectory to win the hearts and minds of consumers, carriers, device manufacturers, developers and partners,”

With the UK’s o2 stating that the Nokia Windows range is too expensive, we wonder how big the challenge of getting carriers on board will also be. Although the above matter is not entirely related to Windows, and could be seen as Nokia not wanting to lose face, could the new breed of phones bring a price point war in the market?

Of the departure, Samsung have said:

“Gavin Kim has departed Samsung Mobile and we look forward to working with him in the future. In his new capacity, he will continue to be part of the larger Samsung family through our partnership with Microsoft.”

With the new release of four new “Mango” based Windows Phones, we see Microsoft try to keep at the right side of value while Nokia are potentially pushing at the wrong end of expensive with their new Windows Phone range including the sexy looking Nokia 800.

So what will become of the new marriage between the two giants? And what will become of them individually as they forge ahead in a marketplace with little loyalty and one tarnished with litigation issues in every nook and cranny.

Anthony Munns