Samsung Sales Forecasts For The Galaxy Note

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Samsung Release Their Galaxy Note in South Korea:

When we reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Note a few months ago, we gave no indication of expected sales figures.

With Samsung becoming ever more dominant in the mobile device arena, with a successful slew of Smartphone releases over the last few years, it is interesting to “note” what predictions they have for the domestic sales figures of the large Galaxy Note Smartphone/Tablet hybrid.

Two Million expected sales:

Samsung Sales Forecasts For The Galaxy Note
Samsung Sales Forecasts For The Galaxy Note

With no time frame offered for the sales forecast, Samsung have positioned the Galaxy Note to sit in between the Samsung S2 and Galaxy Tab as a kind of hybrid of the two, offering a huge screen and plenty of power.

Galaxy Note smartphone:

The Note is not for people who do not eat their porridge. With a 5.3 inch screen, the device only just fits into some pockets, such is its desire to compete with the tablet market, and holding one is not as easy as it perhaps could be had the smartphone decided it was going to stop growing around the late 4 inch mark.

JK Shin, head of the mobile communications business said proudly about the Galaxy Note:

“Galaxy Note is a revolutionary product opening a new category in the market.”

It is evident that Samsung enjoy the R&D process.

Galaxy Nexus just released:

No slouches in product development, Samsung have also released, to much fan fair, their new smartphone in the guise of the Galaxy Nexus which we reviewed, a powerful beast that runs rings around the Samsung S2 and comes with Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. We hear of no current sales forecasts for this device but will keep you posted as and when we hear more.

So, what do you think of Samsung’s product range, do you like the diversity or prefer the one size fits all approach of Apple, which appears less confusing though perhaps at the expense of rapid evolution?

Anthony Munns