Samsung Poke Fun At Apple But Unlist Original Crap Videos For The S2 – Even More Funny!

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When Mobile Inquirer was very new (about six months ago) – half birthday due on the 5/6th of December! (you still count the halves at this age).

I poked fun at Samsung’s really dire advert range for the S2, so poorly executed I assume that Samsung would not actually want anyone with any taste to ever see them.

In fact even more interestingly this is what they have done with this atrocious set of videos: Blocked them from the results in Youtube!

Samsung Unlist Initial Adverts For Samsung S2

Samsung Unlist Crap Advert For Samsung S2
Samsung Unlist Crap Advert For Samsung S2

“Wow! The video that Jim made got the most views on youtube”…not a chance!

That is an actual quote from this garbage video – so Samsung do know that they should try to sell a phone based on what YOU can do with it….mmmmm.

Youtube comment:

“Wow! The video that Jim´╗┐ made got the most views on youtube. Jim, you’re not Mr. Cold, you’re mister WARM!” – SOMEONE CALL BAFTA! We’ve got the short of the year!!!!”

Well it seems Samsung have a cheek in now deciding to be a bit more controversial and simply poke fun at iPhone users!…cheap shot again, easy target….but hey fair game!


I love both devices for many reasons, but having the cheek to suggest that the iPhone has particular battery problems (which it does) makes me laugh when my article surrounding the Samsung S2’s dire battery life has got so much attention, and agreement.

However this is all bravado and I quite like the fact that Samsung are sounding off about Apple creatively, it is a bit of fun I suppose….Apple will likely let this run off there shoulders, which seem pretty wide.

But seems to have quite a pitiful 213,000 views since Nov 22nd….can you imagine how many views Apple would have got if they had released what essentially is a cutesy and pretty funny video.

Samsung still peddling the specs of their phone over functionality:

“Huge”, “speed” etc etc, when will Samsung realise that the people want to know what THEY can do with the phone and not what THE PHONE can do for itself….but with high quality adverts not dross!


Nearly there!..;)

Anthony Munns