Samsung Galaxy S2 US Release In August

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Samsung Galaxy S2 US Release In August

Further to a slight error where I had suggested that Samsung were due to release the S2 to the US market on the 21st July (was only to Canadians actually) I can firmly state that the scheduled release is now as predicted a few weeks after this date as I alluded to in the comments section on the earlier post and will be in US hands during August.

Samsung S2 – best phone on the market in 2011?

The flagship smartphone that is in many eyes the best phone device currently available has had a widely staggered release, starting in South Korea in late April and then moving on to Britain and Russia in May and Japan in June, the roll-out for the rest of the world will happen as and when we presume!

The earlier version of the Samsung Galaxy S is available state-side but it has been the much anticipated release of the Samsung Galaxy S2 that has had lips smacking with intrigue and lust.

Samsung GALAXY S2 US release
Samsung GALAXY S2 US release

The announcement came while Shin Jong-kyun, the president of the company’s mobile communications business was discussing the release of the Galaxy tablet 10.1.

The exact date was not mentioned and no further details were included.

With Apple due to release an expected update to the iPhone in September, Samsung are hoping to get some traction converting people who are looking for a new phone with a little more grunt than the last iPhone iteration. As an owner of the Samsung S2 I can tell you it does not leave you wanting in any department….ooh la la.

With Apple steaming ahead to become the most insanely large corporation in history, they have already cracked the Asian market and sold some 20.3 million phones during the last quarter alone. South Korea is a distinct market within Asia that Samsung have not been able to keep as their own with Apple firmly penetrating into the domestic Samsung market with their iPhone range.

Samsung and Apple in legal battles:

War rages in the courts and in the street! The battle on the high street is getting fiercer by the month, it has also been noted that both Samsung and Apple are embroiled in lawsuits with complaints and allegations that patents are been infringed by each other.

With the tablet and smartphone market mushrooming, the outcome of these lawsuits could have the final say on who comes out as leader in the log run, but for now it seems plain old cat and mouse games are under way with Samsung about to take the limelight for a period of time with the Global release of the Galaxy 10.1 tablet scheduled and release of the Galaxy S2 in the US coming in August.

3 Million galaxy S2’s sold so far

Samsung have just released figures claiming over 3 million galaxy s2 smart phones have been sold since April. A pretty sizeable figure considering it is playing catch up and is very much a new entrant for what is sometimes referred to as a superphone.

Tablets seen as key for growth in mobile device sector:

Shin Jong-kyun says that Samsung expect to sell five times the amount of tablets it sold in 2010 (1.5 million) and with this prediction in mind Samsung seem to be aiming for the 7-8 million mark in 2011.

With the Samsung Galaxy tablet 10.1 on sale already in the US. The successor to the initial 7 inch version looks likely to be a success, being the thinnest tablet device currently available makes it very appealing.

Shin states that Samsung’s expected sales in the mobile device market is expected to be around 300 million of which 60 million are expected to be smartphone devices.

What do you think of Samsung’s offerings of late, simply keeping up with the Jones’s or a force to be reckoned with?

If the S2 is anything to go by I think that Samsung may have some great developments in the pipeline.

Anthony Munns