Samsung Galaxy S2 – US Attain Version May Get Cool Qwerty Keyboard

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Samsung Galaxy S2 qwerty keyboard

Only a few days ago we told you all about the imminent (August) arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S2 to the US, and we also wrote about the rise of TabPhones, what we did not expect to see was Samsung delaying the US arrival of the nifty S2 because they are already developing a new version of the Samsung S2 with a large Qwerty slide out keyboard, bringing the Smartphone firmly into the Tabphone sphere, if rumours are indeed true.

Samsung S2 may have a new name for the US market

The US market tends to like things to be a bit different and it seems that the S2 maybe named “Attain” to fit in with the cultural need for a good old fashioned flowery verb for US consumers to grab hold of.

AT&T could well be bringing out the QWERTY keyboard powered S2 variant sometime in August as we mentioned earlier.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Attain Leaked Photo:

Samsung Galaxy S2 Attain Leaked Photo
Samsung Galaxy S2 Attain Leaked Photo

A leaked photo shows what this may look like with the thickness having to increase sightly as q result of that cool looking keyboard.

Usability tests had shown that the S2 was close to being a replacement for a tablet with many users reporting that editing or writing while on the move was relatively comfortable using the Samsung “Swype” method.

However the main gripe people had was that the screen was too small when errors occurred, making life a bit frustrating. The solution: provide a nice big QWERTY keyboard that you can pull out and type away with ease.

Sounds great to me.

No further details are available at present but you can see that there maybe a few options for consumers state-side when the new Samsung range is finally released and if this model becomes reality it appears you will have one up on the rest of the World for a short time anyway!

Anthony Munns