Samsung Galaxy S2 Hits 10 Million Global Sales

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Samsung top 10 million sales with S2:

Samsung’s flagship mobile device the critically acclaimed S2 has reached a staggering 10 million sales globally within the first 6 months of release.

This figure is even more astonishing considering that the North American and in particular the US market is pretty much brand new for this particular device due to a staggered roll out from Samsung of the S2 device.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Hits 10 Million Sales
Samsung Galaxy S2 Hits 10 Million Sales

As the world’s second largest mobile phone manufacturer behind Nokia. Samsung have hit some troubled waters in relation to Apple claiming patent infringements, but the S2 seems to be pretty much clear of all litigation issues and after sorting out some carrier problems in the US all seems to be ready for a new injection of sales after the much anticipated phone was released to the US market in September.

JK Shin, the head of the firm’s mobile device unit, said in a statement.

“In just five months the Galaxy S II has seen tremendous growth, reflecting strong support from carrier partners,”

The S2 utilises the Google Android operating system and is a high powered iPhone competitor that many (including myself) believe is actually the phone to beat at this present time.

Sales in Samsung’s native South Korea hit 3.6 million with Europe trailing only slightly with 3.4 million and 2.3 million in the rest of Asia. I have not heard how many devices have been sold in Canada who got a slightly earlier release than the US.

Samsung and Apple at War and in each others pockets

It is a strange relationship between the two dominant forces in smartphone and tablet technology with Apple claiming all sorts of patent infringements and Samsung manufacturing huge parts of their devices for them, from displays to chips.

But for now Samsung have a lot to boast about, at least until the iPhone 5 perhaps shows itself as the new kiddy to beat. Although my gut feelings are that Apple may not have much thunder in the next revision of their hugely popular and ground breaking smartphone series.

Anthony Munns