Samsung Galaxy S2 4G To Hit US 21st July

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Finally the other news that many Americans have been waiting for….(the other being the arrival of Spotify the other day)

The arrival of the Samsung S2 to the US

The smartphone that has everybody talking, my god it is like Xmas has come early, even if it is technically very late for technology lovers stateside.

I personally own a Samsung S2 and can tell you that as an iPhone lover by and large, there is nothing I am left wanting from the Samsung, it’s an amazing piece of kit trust me!

Pre ordering is essential to get a first hand on the superphone:

So how much will it cost and who is going to sell it?

The Samsung Galaxy S2 will cost $599.95 for the device only without a contract and $169.95 on a 3-year contract with Bell and Virgin.

Steep really, but then you guys get spotify at reduced rates!…its all gravy in the end!

Anthony Munns