Samsung Galaxy S Will Not Get Ice Cream Sandwich Update

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Confirmation that the Samsung Galaxy S will not get ICS Android 4 update:

Would you want to upgrade to ICS when so many Nexus S owners are complaining about Ice Cream Sandwich update problems ranging from MMS issues to call problems and Wi-Fi problems with pretty much everything in between.

Galaxy Tab 7.7 will also not get an Android 4.0 update:

In further bad news for people wanting to stuff their face with the Ice Cream Sandwich experience, it has been confirmed that both the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab 7.7 will not be able to handle the demands of the User Interface of TouchWiz.

Samsung Galaxy S No Ice Cream Sandwich Update
Samsung Galaxy S No Ice Cream Sandwich Update

This is quite intriguing as many would have expected a 1Ghz processor to be able to perform well enough to deliver this level of functionality.

With 10 million Galaxy S owners worldwide, and many Galaxy tab 7.7 owners now feeling like they own a bit of history as they realise that their device can not handle the demands that Ice Cream Sandwich will put on their ROM and RAM.

Ice Cream Sandwich update not that good anyway?

In all honesty in the same way that the iPhone 4S had battery problems and was not that much different from the Apple iPhone 4, the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich will not make your device into a brand new phone, in fact with the problems we have heard about, you may be best off keeping your device as it is, so my advice to Samsung Galaxy S owners is to relax and wait for the new iPhone 5 release date confirmation….;)

Ok, you all know that I am joking here, but seriously I am finding that the Android O/S is getting extremely fragmented and this kind of makes me a little confuzzled.

Ice Cream Sandwich rolls out but by bit:

As ICS becomes ever more popular as the next generation Android operating system, I wonder just how peed off Nexus S owners and now Samsung Galaxy S owners will be, with one set of owners getting an update that screws their device up with no real help from Samsung or Google to rectify the issue, and the other set being told that essentially their fairly new device is a bit rubbish and can not handle a new operating system….the words “short change” spring to mind.

This would potentially be a deal breaker for me, and I would be thinking back to the days of Apple comfort and simplicity….damn I am getting old.

Anthony Munns