Samsung Galaxy Q – TabPhone – The Lowdown

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Samsung Galaxy Q

Samsung are moving in the right direction now they have entered the modern mobile device market with gusto. Having released what many in the industry believe to be the best mobile phone of 2011, the Samsung S2. News is in that the release of the Samsung Q will forge a new bond between two distinct devices and blur the lines further to consumers on what is a phone or tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy Q – 5-inch tablet:

Rise of the tabphone!

In recent weeks we have started to see even more terms used for devices that could all come under one moniker, the easiest being simply mobile devices.

But now we are seeing Superphones instead of Smartphones and now Tabphones instead of mere Tablets.

So will the Samsung Q really bring with it a new adjective to the world of mobile?

At 5+ inches it aims to just be that bit on the large size to be a typical smartphone but not really big enough to be tablet material.

So what is the point?

Most details emerging from Korea suggest that the size will be 5.3 inches and the screen will be the usual Super AMOLED.

So why are they seeking to go that inch extra on the current large screen smartphone portfolio?

Samsung are suggesting that that extra inch could be just enough to persuade people that their PC is all but fully redundant and that they will be bale to do most of the things necessary day to day on their new tabphone device.

So what the Dell streak 5 threatened to achieve could finally come true; bulging pants on the tube and down the high street ringing a very merry tune.

The Samsung Galaxy Q “rumoured” specifications:

  • Dual core processor
  • Slimline
  • 3G for data and perhaps voice too
  • US customers to get 4G possibly
  • Android O/S – Gingerbread or Honeycomb I have no idea – GingerComb perhaps!

Release date of around late 2011

Does this sound appealing to you or is there a limit to the size of screen a phone should have?

Anthony Munns