Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 Review

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iPod alternative the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0:

So you are in the market for a non Apple based media playing device that looks like a smartphone but costs less and does not come pre subscribed to a hefty contract?

Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 Review
Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 Review

Ok then, may I introduce you to the new Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0, a serious iPod rival and one that I particularly like….cheapest prices usually offered here:

So why is this gadget a real iPod contender?

The following list includes some areas that the Apple iPod does not offer:


Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 Review

  • FM radio
  • GPS chip
  • Larger screen – two options
  • Better camera with flash
  • Expandable memory slot for cheap SD Micro-SD Cards


I think that comparing the Apple iPod and Galaxy Player 4 will leave you thinking that the Apple device seems that little bit easier to use but really it is just a matter of time before you are just as quick with the Samsung device and then you may think the same about the Apple product if you switch back.

Who is the Samsung Galaxy Player aimed at?

I am finding it quite tough to see how big this market is, but there has to be some merit to a device that does not have a monthly bill attached but can perform pretty much everything that a well specified smartphone can deliver.

Having access to the full Android marketplace will also be a bonus if you have invested in the Android ecosystem heavily so far.

The fact that you can use the full google application suite such as Gmail and various other communication and productivity tools offered in the Android marketplace, means that the device is more than just a portable games player and can perform as a cut down tablet in many ways, including price.

All in all, worth a look if you are seeking an alternative to a smartphone and want something a little smaller than a tablet, and particularly dislike Apple!

The trouble is what do you call it when Apple have laid claim to the term iPod!?…”player” sounds so naff!

I have put this article under a new category called Gadget Reviews for now!

Anthony Munns