Samsung Galaxy Nexus US Release Update

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Galaxy Nexus Arrives in Canada: US waits:

We have been reporting about the Galaxy Nexus US Release Date for a while now.

And in all honesty the rumours could still hold true and we could be on track about the 9th of December US release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Galaxy Nexus Arrives North America:

There is blatant evidence that the Nexus has arrived in North America, albeit only in the Extreme north i.e Canada.

We still however believe that the news of the devices shipping earlier in the month (6th December) albeit once again unconfirmed, if true, should equate to a December 9th arrival in US stores, but nothing is set in stone just yet.

Meanwhile people waiting for a Verizon galaxy nexus release in the U.S will have to wait a bit longer.

Canadian carriers offering the Nexus:

Virgin Mobile Canada and Bell Canada, have released the HSPA+ device, this comes on a three year contract for both.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Bell Canada
Samsung Galaxy Nexus Bell Canada

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus Available Now:

If you want the device unlocked for around $600-700 USD, we have already told you about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus being on sale on Amazon unlocked so you are able to buy the phone from Amazon below, albeit at quite a high price, but it has some potential benefits.

If you buy the unlocked version from Amazon, you would then able to use AT&T and T-Mobile as your carrier of choice as it appears that these mobile operators will not be releasing the Nexus device on a contract.

Verizon to keep people guessing:

Verizon are not letting anything go at all in terms of information, and have given no concrete dates for the devices arrival, though we suspect US Galaxy Nexus seekers will not have to wait too long at all after Canadians have had their batch officially signed, sealed and delivered.

Are you waiting patiently for the smartphone to be released fully in the US or are you climbing the walls in anxiety for this new ice cream sandwich based Android device?

Anthony Munns