Prince Harry’s Friend Mugged For Blackberry Mobile Phone

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Royal’s friend mugged for blackberry mobile phone in South London:

There is no excuse whatsoever for robbing a perfectly innocent person of his mobile phone, but of all the people to mug, one of the last people you would hope to pick would be a friend of the ruling class.

Such was the bad luck and stupidity of this particular scumbag.

Though this unfortunate mugging seems to be less about the fact that the “family” will hung, draw and quarter you for messing with their pals, and more to do with the fact that Prince Harry takes no s***, and was apparently on the hunt for his friend in the wee hours of the morning after being engaged in conversation with Mr van Straubenzee when he got mugged for his Blackberry phone.

As a result of this high profile man hunt (less for the man being hunted and more for the hunter), Harry now appears to be one of the first high profile royals to actually walk into a police station like an everyday guy and report a crime, after he was unsuccessful in finding his mugged friend.

A police source is quoted saying:

Prince Harry came into the station to give a statement. It was a separate statement from the one given by his friend who was mugged.’

It appears that a man was arrested earlier in the month (1st Dec) and has been released on bail to attend a court hearing in the new year.

Battersea is seen as good target for wealthy residents:

With South London being gentrified in many areas over the last 15 or so years, the area is also home to some of London’s toughest and most deprived estates, this close relationship of haves and have not’s has lead to a series of high profile muggings in the last few years. Only this year in February, a former aide to the Queen Mother, Niall Hall, was kidnapped after having his car carjacked by a gang who then stripped him naked and ran knives along his body, and only last month Richard Ward, 37, died from head injuries after being attacked by a gang, in an apparently unprovoked incident, once again highlighting the lack of respect many young people have for human life in Britain’s inner cities.

Anthony Munns