Porsche And Blackberry Team Coming Soon

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Porsche Design Blackberry Phone:

RIM (research in motion) are looking to shine another bright new light on affairs in Blackberry land after the fiasco of recent saw Blackberry users go without much of their services as a total system failure caused widespread disruption to Blackberry users worldwide.

This new PR stunt sees an event in Dubai bringing together the Porsche design team and Blackberry to unveil a new collaborative smartphone termed the “Knight 9980” if rumours are to be believed.

Porsche to Bayberry’s rescue:

Porsche Blackberry
Porsche Blackberry

With RIM trying to impress and educate the much more cautious Middle Eastern areas over RIM’s “closed” messaging system, call me a cynic but using Porsche as a “design guru” may seem like the perfect way to win over a region obsessed with horses, and fast cars.

This may not seem like such a bad idea now they also have to prove to a new market that the “closed” system is also very breakable.

So what are the plans:

Rumours have emerged back in September that the “Knight 9980″ will be a cool looking Blackberry with much cleaner lines and a flatter keyboard, it all looks very snazzy.

News just in via TechCrunch confirms that the invitation only event will take place next Thursday in Dubai and will see the unveiling of this more than likely ostentatious bit of gadgetry.

To all the bling loving, racing aficionados of machine and beast out in the Middle East I say: “Your money or your Porsche…”


Anthony Munns