Patronising Uncreative Samsung Galaxy S2 Promotional Videos

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Patronising Uncreative Samsung S2 Promotional Videos:

So what the hell are Samsung doing with the new promo videos for the Samsung Galaxy S2?

Let’s take one of the four videos that are available on the website advertising the new smart phone:

More rubbish promotional videos for the Samsung Galaxy S2

So you need things spelling out like paint by numbers you simple creatures?

Here is how I see the pitch from the Samsung marketing department to the contracted video production company:

We want to make our phones look fun, engaging, and for a range of people who are too simple to not realise that our lack of creativity in putting a message across means we can still roll out an excellent phone and get away with poor quality web video as one of our marketing options.

Dear god the premise of this video is so atrocious I hope it was a winner from an under 12 competition to find the new Australian writers of the future.

The actual truth behind such a rubbish video?

I do however sense that there has been some kind of translation issue here, with Samsung being a large Korean corporation I wonder at what level they devolve their marketing efforts to more locally aware people.

I would suggest they need to do this more thoroughly with more nations involved as it looks like there was not enough critics involved before this storyboard got full approval and they started shooting.

Video opportunities

I have been involved with video on the web for over 7 years and love the fact that we can all become mini directors or stars via a free hosting service such as YouTube despite the costs historically associated with production:

There is however a holy grail of web video that all companies and marketing agency’s wish to emulate or attempt to pull off and that is the video that goes viral.

Such is the power of viral video that your brand or idea could get exposure to literally millions if the video ticks one of a few boxes:


  • Highly creative/quirky
  • Hilariously funny
  • Insightful
  • Sexy


Ideally a mix of these will reap generally good rewards.

However, contrived attempts at looking cool or funny work exactly in the opposite way, they make people view you as a cheat and of poor reputation.

In all honesty I do kind of like to see the car crashes that occur all the time from marketing departments and creative departments who over think the simplest of things!


Long live jealousy, greed, lust and sloth for bringing out the worst best in people!

But seriously F*** YOU JIM.

Anthony Munns