Nokia To Put 80 Million GBP Into Marketing Windows Phone Devices

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Nokia will put £80 million into a six month promotional campaign for the new Windows range of mobile devices

Marketing magazine has suggested that Nokia will not be waiting to see what happens with the new release of Smart Phones with the Windows 7 O/S and will be spending huge £80 million in making sure that a six month campaign gets to as many people as possible and that the phones are indeed a huge success.

With so much resting on Nokia and Microsoft we can fully understand the need to finally bring out the big gins and show the World that the two floundering giants finally mean business.

Nokia may struggle to break even this year with profits and market share down so this project really needs to start bringing in the rewards financially, could this therefore be a last throw of the dice for the Finnish mobile device maker of old?

October 2011 Nokia Windows phone 7 marketing campaign:

The campaign will be set to run from October, and will tie into the soon to be announce Windows Phone on Nokia device

“We are excited about the Nokia with Windows phone, but it’s not our policy to comment on specific campaigns for unannounced products,”

The Nokia Windows partnership is crucial but is far from guaranteed to bring in the riches with an admission earlier this week by Steve Ballmer, that Windows Phone 7’s success in its first year was going from “very small to very small” since its launch. Time will tell what the outcome will be for these seasoned tech giants now they have joined forces.

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