Nokia Need 300 New Apps To Avoid HP’s Mobile Device Fate

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Nokia are asking for developers to build 300 new apps for Meego and Symbian O/S:

Anyone fancy the deal to build 300 apps for Nokia?

Actually, the gig has already gone to a Canadian outfit called Polar Mobile.

Polar Mobile
Polar Mobile

It is however nice to see that Nokia are still thinking to some degree about their existing Symbian users, as the contract will allow for a number of apps to be developed for both Symbian and Meego.

The first 50 apps will actually run on Symbian and will be developed within the next two months.

The remainder will be spread over Meego and Symbian.

It has to be said that HP perhaps should have done more to ensure that their now defunct mobile devices had a chance at becoming powered by a popular app marketplace before being ditched so sharply.

Polar known for churning apps out at incredible speed

Using an approach of one size fits all, Polar mobile appear to release quality applications at an incredible pace, something Nokia admit they need:

Richard White, general manager of Nokia’s Canadian operations says:

“We need to increase [the size of] our app store with quality apps, This is obviously a great way to go about doing that.”

With Nokia playing third fiddle to Samsung and Apple as well as having tough competition from HTC and LG, the recent departure of HP from mobile manufacturing will be some relief as the decision to team up with Windows 7/8 O/S and Microsoft in general is probably the biggest strategic move the firm has made to date.

Lots ride on Nokia’s immediate future

It is astonishing that Nokia have let such a huge advantage in terms of size, power and market share diminish to the point where many people are genuinely unsure if they have what it takes to return to the market they once dominated and be major players.

Question is, can a company produce 300 quality apps in such a short period of time?

I hope Nokia are not just looking at numbers here, as I really do not see much point of adding a few hundred crap applications to their marketplaces, when they have more important things to focus on….keep tuned for more Nokia news.

Anthony Munns