Nokia N9 Available In Europe Not UK Or US

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Nokia N9 Available In Europe Not UK Or US

Nokia have released their final phone that will run on their own operating system before they move all future devices to the much anticipated windows 7.5 O/S.

So what does the N9 look like?

The N9 is a bit of an oddity, running on the Hartmann user interface on top of the MeeGo platform.

Why no N9 release for the UK and US?

The likelihood is that the upcoming release of the full blown N9 running the sea ray operating system is the reason that Nokia have not bothered wasting shelve space in the more advanced UK and US markets.

So what will the future of the MeeGo platform look like?

It appears that they intend to merge this O/S with a Linux based platform called LiMo.

Technical specifications N9?

Well the Nokia N9 is a pretty tasty bit of kit, it is being touted as a “pure touch” phone by Nokia and is designed with a unibody 3.9 inch WVGA AMOLED gorilla glass display.

The phone will be powered by a 1Ghz Arm Cortex A8 processor, with a pretty impressive 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash, and a super wide lense.

NFC, A-GPS and a 16Gb or 64GB memory storage is also part of the package.

Nokia N9
Nokia N9

Ilari Nurmi, Vice President of Marketing at Nokia has said:

“Since we announced the Nokia N9 in June this year, the feedback that it has gotten from discerning and avid smartphone users across the world has been nothing short of fantastic, With the innovations in industrial design, user interface, and the Qt developer experience, the Nokia N9 sets the bar for how natural technology can feel, and represents the first in a number of products from Nokia that will be brought to life in similar fashion.”

Still want a Nokia N9 in the US and UK?

Well you can always simply import a phone. It looks like the cost of the N9 will be around 500 – 600 Euros for the 16GB and 64GB

Or is it wiser to wait for the new Nokia Sea Ray that will run on windows 7.5 and will be the start of new things for the two giants…my advice wait on a few months.

Anthony Munns