Mobile Tickets Offered From TicketNetwork

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When will we finally be buying items with our mobile like we do our credit cards?

TicketNetwork the online ticket exchange for live event tickets has started offering visitors to the mobile variety of its website the chance to buy tickets via their Iphone and Android Smart Phones, making life simpler and cutting down on many other areas of potential costs and time wasting.

The mobile version has been designed from the ground up for smartphones, so lets take a look at what they have done and why.


Is this the future of ticket buying?

When the people behind TicketNetwork realized that a growing amount of their visitors were accessing their main website from smart phones the forward thinking team decided it was time to analyse what was happening and then tailor a smoother experience for these visitors and also look at areas that would have otherwise been difficult to implement from a traditional computer based visit.

So how have they made their mobile version work.

Users who visit the site via a smartphone are redirected to a mobile optimized site that allows users to search tickets by areas and niche, and also includes a one touch phone button so you can call a member of staff if you need some advice.

[pullright float=”alignright”]We know that mobile commerce is tremendously important and we know that mobile users are motivated shoppers.

Jessica Cushing, e-commerce product manager at TicketNetwork goes on to explain some of the finer details about what they have learned since the new system has gone live.

[pullleft float=”alignleft”]The new mobile site loads quickly and allows users to do exactly what they came there for: to buy tickets.[/pullleft]

Basic Strategy:

Jessica then goes on to explain that their main strategy and aim when designing anything to be used by customers is always to make information as easy to access as possible, they have even gone so far as to incorporate seating maps into the smart phone version of the site and have found that the speed with which you can purchase has increased sales for tickets that are time sensitive (high demand for instance).

The future of commerce is mobile:

Here at mobile inquirer we can think of a number of ways that mobile technology can make life simpler and quicker when it comes to transactions, and we will be doing a report on some of the new payments systems that are looking to become household names in the near future.

Your thoughts and opinions?

What do you think will be the most interesting thing that comes from being able to pay for things instantly without the need for cards and a wallet, will QR codes become huge?

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