Mobile Search To Top PC Based Searches By 2013

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If you thought the rise of smart phones and tablets would still leave the mighty PC as top dog in overall use and ubiquity, Google would lead you to believe otherwise.

According to a recent report they believe that Google searches from mobile phones and tablets will top the amount performed by PC users by 2013.

This is one of the most incredible signs that mobile technology is eclipsing the standard PC for many users and shows how pervasive technology is becoming in our every day lives.

Smart Phones
and Tablets just make more sense:

Lets take your typical daily user of technology in 2011, they will possibly want to do the following during a typical day:


  • Browse Emails/Internet
  • Login to Facebook/Twitter
  • Read the news
  • Speak to friends and colleagues
  • Watch some video
  • Purchase products or services


Now 5-10 years ago you would have mainly gone to your ugly, loud, slow PC with one of the most undesirable operating systems ever invented to do some of these tasks.

You still feared Apple macs as overpriced desirables with a huge learning curve that were for creative geeks.

But what Apple had been doing for the enlightened for years the world eventually came to realise (when the entry point dropped) was the way forward when the iPhone came into existence.

User friendly makes more sense:

A product designed to be so user friendly, good looking, tactile, and useful, that it became the must have item that totally changed the computing, technology and mobile market forever.

I love Apple:

Now forgive me for my obvious like of Apple, it is not without reservation (controlling, closed etc) but I always point people out to one of my own observations when people ask about switching from PC to mac (at least prior to tablets and smartphones) and that was this:

I know of no one that ever went back to a PC if they used a Mac for more than 6 months, so superior was its O/S, the mere thought of the problems that PC users face on a daily basis made them stick to their new found fruity friend.

Apples style is perhaps what the world actually needs:

A benevolent dictator:

Someone who without reservation does what they want but with some thought and rationale for the greater good.

Simple, and like it or not this is how Apple have remoulded technology use for the masses in 2011.

Or at least this is how it has been sold.

I know many feel aggrieved with Apples “ways” but for this article I must point out that; like them or not Apple has paved the way for the world to do things very differently with their iPhones and iPads.

And I for one am very happy that this has Google thinking and has sent Microsoft back to the drawing board to see how they can spend their way out of oblivion.

What do you think to the rise of SmartPhones, do you have a preference for Android or Apple based Operating Systems and technology?

Anthony Munns